Alex Owen-Hill

Asks Himself

'Is It ADHD?' 

A gloriously ridiculous exploration of life with a differently wired brain.

Stand-up, storytelling, science and silliness.

What is this show?

For people who don't fit in

Alex Owen-Hill Asks Himself "Is It ADHD?" is a gloriously ridiculous and uplifting exploration into what it's like to feel "not normal" your whole life, only to discover there could be a reason!

Through a scatterbrained journey of comedy, clowning, and audience chat, Alex examines what life feels like to have a differently wired brain… but finding yourself in the position of not knowing for sure (yet) if it is ADHD or not.

What's this ADHD malarky?

Many people in the UK right now are waiting for a diagnosis of ADHD and don't know how to navigate the uncertainty. 

Up to 2.6 million people in the UK are estimated to have ADHD but less than 1 in every 5 are currently diagnosed. Without formal diagnosis, you can't be 100% sure if you have ADHD or not (Numbers! Numbers everywhere!) 

This can be both confusing and hilarious as you look back through your life to discover how much of a glorious mess you are as a person!

A different guest every day!

This show is for everyone, whether you have an ADHD diagnosis, think you might have ADHD, know someone with ADHD, or even if you have no idea what ADHD is! 

Everyone's experience with ADHD is different, so…

I also invite a different guest comedian to each performance who brings their comedic perspective of their neurodivergence… assuming I get my shit together and organize these people, of course.

(I've written a list! I have a list of guests, honest! I've even contacted a bunch of them.) 

Get a ticket today!

The show is a "pay what you want" on the Laughing Horse Free Festival. That means you choose how much to pay for a ticket up front, but there's also a "bucket" after the show if you want to give more to the show… or not, it's up to you!

You can also just turn up on the day. But there are only limited seats (it's intentionally a small room). So, to avoid you waiting in a line and then not getting in, it's a good idea to get a ticket!