Who Am I?

Looking for a writer or blogger? I could be your man! But who am I and what can I offer you?

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A wide range of life experiences has contributed to the speaker, writer and businessman I am today. I could just list them all, résumé style, but that’d be boring wouldn’t it?

I’d much rather tell you a story…


I’d always loved stories, but when I was 6 years old I started writing in earnest. Throughout my childhood I wrote fiction: short stories, poems, even started a novel (most writers have). I also wrote non-fiction: anecdotal narratives on life, my interest and growing knowledge of science and essays about life in Scotland.

But that wasn’t when I decided to become a professional communicator.

At 17 I went backpacking. Alone I travelled around Europe. Train-hopping from country-to-country I immersed myself in the richness of a multitude of cultures, landscapes, cityscapes, foods and languages. My travels were colourfully documented in a pile of notebooks and communicated back home through a personal travel blog.

But that wasn’t when I decided to become a professional communicator.

At university, I studied a five year Masters of Engineering in Robotics. During these years I continued to write. I started exploring screenwriting and organised a team of talented individuals to make short films. Filmmaking is all about distilling stories to their bare skeleton. Over a summer I worked at a leading international electronics company (ARM Holdings), where I experienced corporate life first-hand.

Back at university, on top of the technical topics, I learned business skills, entrepreneurship and marketing. I excelled at report writing and clarifying complex concepts into simple language – my Honours presentation won the BP award for my year-group.

But that wasn’t when I decided to become a professional communicator.

I moved to Madrid, Spain, to embark on a PhD in telerobotics as part of an EU project working on robotic solutions for CERN (the European Centre for Particle Physics in Switzerland). As part of it, I learned Project Management and Systems Engineering from leading experts. I also developed contacts with industry across Europe and immersed myself in the world of academic publishing. In my spare time, I joined two writers groups and a poetry group, continuing to develop my skill both in writing and performing my work.

I completed my PhD in three years. After a total of eight years in academia, during which I’d continued to write screenplays, essays, poems and articles, I felt I needed to clarify my career goals.

I stopped to take stock.

There I was, Doctor of Robotics with experience and knowledge in both research and corporate engineering, but with great love and desire to write and communicate to interested audiences everywhere, not just academics. How could I encompass all these areas into my working life?

That was when I decided to become a professional communicator.

What does this mean for you?

I have a passion for helping you to communicate as effectively as possible with your audience. I have experience in various fields and have been trained in business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Sure, these wide experiences mean that I’ve taken a rather roundabout route to where I am today… but they mean that I can speak your language — whatever field you work in — and help you to learn how to speak with your audience in their language.