Articles & Blogs

I am a certified inbound marketer and currently write for a few different blogs. I enjoy teaching my readers about topics that I have either experience or interest in (and I can develop interest in almost anything).

Creative Temperament

You can find me at my Creative Temperament blog (which used to live on blogger). This is a personal project of mine, where I investigate what creativity is and how we can succeed in our creative endeavours.

Robotiq: Robotics Industry Blog

The Robotiq blog is a well respected hub of news about applications and trends within the robotics industry. The blog posts I write for them teach readers about core robotics topics, as well as addressing popularised perceptions of robotics from an insiders perspective (I have a PhD in Telerobotics).

Is My Robotic Co-Worker Dangerous? Why Robots Kill People
Kinematics: Why Robots Move Like They Do
How Many Fingers Do You Really Need for a Robot?

Cosmopolita Scotland

Cosmopolita Scotland is a bilingual online publication based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a published in English and Spanish. I have written a few articles for them and am also involved in their social media strategy.

Beyond Fairtrade: The Next Step in Sustainable Coffee
Edinburgh’s Eco-Environments: How One Charity Promotes Holistic Sustainability
Bees Are Dying Out: How To Help Bees Even If You Don’t Have a Garden

FluentU: Language Learning

I write informative, long form blogs about how you can be a better language learner.

As well as English I also speak Spanish at a high level, a little French, a tiny bit of German and a smattering of words and phrases from the many countries I’ve visited. I’m also currently on a quest to learn Portuguese from Spanish, using the Laddering Technique.

Here are some of my posts:

6 Tips for Effortless Language Learning with Foreign Movies
10 Tricky Tongue Twisters to Perfect Your Spanish Pronunciation
The Proven 5-Step Formula for Masterful Reading In a Second Language
Get a Taste of Advanced Spanish with 15 Free Online Resources
Split It Up: The Top Technique for Learning Vocabulary in Another Language
5 Major Hurdles to Polyglot Language Learning and How to Jump Them

Madrid Writers Club Blog

When I lived in Spain, I was an active member of the Madrid Writers Club. I’ve led sessions for them and also designed and made the ebook of its anthology “First Steps”.

Here are some posts I’ve written for them:

Using Research in Writing
Handy Archetypes: A different approach to character development
Creating Smashwords Ebooks with LibreOffice: 1) Setting Up Your Template
Creating Smashwords Ebooks with LibreOffice: 2) Adding Your Content
Creating Smashwords Ebooks with LibreOffice: 3) Adding Images
Creating Smashwords Ebooks with LibreOffice: 4) Links, Bios and Contents
Creating Smashwords Ebooks with LibreOffice: 5) Publishing to Smashwords