Alex Owen-Hill 

The Alien's Guide to 

Talking to Humans 

Have you ever felt out of place?

A ridiculous, uplifting exploration of the confusing universe of human interaction.

Inspired by social anxiety, neurodivergence and the strangeness of social rituals.

Choose-your-own-adventure silliness.

What is this show?

For Galactic Wanderers and Earthly Misfits

If you've ever felt like you're from another planet, trying to decode the complex signals of human interaction, this is your landing zone. Perfect for the neurodivergent, the socially anxious, and anyone who's felt a bit out of place. No matter your galaxy of origin, "The Alien's Guide to Talking to Humans" offers you a home. Come as you are – no Earth passport required.

Why is communication so hard!?

Imagine crash-landing on a planet where everyone else seems to know the rules – except you. "The Alien's Guide to Talking to Humans" takes you on a light-hearted expedition through the jungle of social cues, laughter, and the oddity of trying to fit in. Led by Alex Owen-Hill, a fellow space traveler who's just as puzzled by earthling customs, this show is a crash course in understanding the beauty and chaos of human interaction. Through improvised games, audience narratives, and a clown's heartfelt antics, it's a celebration of everyone who's felt a little alien.

You teach the alien

No previous experience with human interaction required! With our unique "choose-your-own-adventure" format, the audience guides our alien through the baffling world of human rituals. Think of it as a live-action video game, but instead of controllers, we use laughter, empathy, and the occasional awkward silence. Our gentle approach ensures that everyone, even those most wary of human contact, can enjoy the wonder of connection. It's not just a show; it's an experience that transforms the theatre into a spaceship where everyone's idiosyncrasies are celebrated, making the strange familiar and the familiar strangely delightful.

Get a ticket today!

The show is a "pay what you want" on the Laughing Horse Free Festival. That means you choose how much to pay for a ticket up front, but there's also a "bucket" after the show if you want to give more to the show… or not, it's up to you!

You can also just turn up on the day. But there are only limited seats (it's intentionally a small room). So, to avoid you waiting in a line and then not getting in, it's a good idea to get a ticket!